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Altrix is the technology-led nursing agency which connects hospitals across the UK with compliant, off-payroll RGN and Specialty Nurses.

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“Having worked hard to try and eliminate non-framework supply I was initially very sceptical about using Altrix, despite the fact they were happy to use the same terms as our framework suppliers. However, Altrix has exceeded expectations and with their support and that of our other suppliers, in February this year the Trust were able to remove all other non-framework supply. Key to me has been the overall performance – Altrix is easy to use, quick and compliant.”

Nicola Sharpington , Head of Temporary Staffing, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

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What is Altrix?


Altrix is a technology-led nursing agency which has pioneered cutting-edge app technology. Hospitals which work with Altrix benefit from:

  • A UK-wide network of thousands of on-framework, compliant RGN and Specialty Nurses – available at the touch of a button
  • A much faster way to fill shifts – especially last minute shifts which often incur high agency fees
  • A diamond-rated compliance service which undertakes all the necessary interviewing, referencing, training and documentation of nurses
  • A dedicated 24/7 support team, just a phone call away
  • A way of cutting out the traditional agency, reducing NHS spend on agencies
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Why Are We Different?


Altrix is a technology-led nursing agency. We employ a team of people who ensure that all our nurses are fully compliant and trained to use our system. These nurses then use our app and website to book shifts, thereby improving utilisation of the temporary workforce and keeping overhead costs down, the savings of which can be passed on to the NHS.

Ensuring Compliance and Patient Safety

Nurse compliance is the number one priority for Altrix. Every working Altrix nurse is compliant to NHS Employment standards with training and certifications kept up to date.

  • Minimise the risk of unfilled shifts
  • New shifts reach hundreds of local Nurses instantly
  • You can set the rate for each shift
  • No more being dictated to by an agency when trying to fill last minute shifts
  • Transparent pricing model charging a flat transaction fee per hour
  • All technology customised for your needs
  • Dedicated 24/7 Altrix support team
  • Shifts, compliance and Nurses are all maintained and cared for to the highest NHS Employment standards.
  • Minimal hospital workload

Our Vision

We know how critical it is that hospitals fill all available shifts with qualified Nurses. Often you’re left to choose between paying inflated hourly rates or leaving shifts uncovered, at a risk to patients and a burden to permanent staff, who have to pick up the slack.

Our vision is to automate as much of the labour intensive booking systems traditional agencies use by utilising world class technology to improve shift fill rates and empower our Nurses. We are an agency that operates like an NHS Bank.

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A Different Approach

nurse complianceWe believe patient safety is critical: nurse compliance is our number one priority

no agency feeWe want to help the NHS keep costs manageable and within budget

flat rateWe believe in fair and transparent pricing

Our goal

Better Healthcare

Our absolute priority is that high quality care, patient safety, positive patient experience and clinical effectiveness are maintained in the short term and improved in the long term. Cutting agency costs and improving fill rates with excellent Nurses means the NHS would have extra money to reinvest in areas that matter most to patients and their families.

Neuven Pass 98.35%
“Altrix have a good team of compliance officers who have a solid understanding of the requirements to ensure their workers registered on their platform are fully compliant to NHS Employment Standards.”
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How much does an Altrix shift pay?

The hospital sets the rate of the shift, and by cutting out the agency commissions you will be able to fill more shifts within the April caps rates. We are putting the control back in the hospital’s hands.

What support does Altrix offer?

Altrix has a dedicated 24 hr service that will help you with any queries you have.

How is altrix different to other apps or websites for nursing recruitment?

Other tech solutions claim to cut out the middleman (agencies) by putting the recruitment process and duties in the hands of the nurse and the hospital. Hospitals and nurses don’t want to be doing a recruitment consultant’s job. Altrix is different. We interview, register and take each nurse through the compliance process. Once compliant, nurses no longer have to apply for shifts or negotiate directly with the hospital. The nurse merely has to accept available shifts in an easy-to-use shift management system on mobile or desktop.

How does a hospital send shifts to Altrix?

Shifts are uploaded onto the Altrix platform either by an easy excel upload or a direct feed into your e-rostering system. The hospital can set the rate and has the ability to amend the rate through your standard tiering as you get closer to the shift start date allowing you to increase the rate for last minute shifts. The increase would all go to the nurse as the Altrix fee is flat irrespective.

How does a nurse book shifts?

Nurses view shifts and accept with a simple touch of a button. Once the nurse is compliant to the highest on-framework standards, they can accept any shift available on the platform and can filter based on preferences like hospital, region, days of the week and shift times.

How do you maintain quality of care?

Compliance is crucial and to be an Altrix nurse, candidates will still need to pass on-framework compliance checks and have an interview. We also ensure that training and any certificates or documents are kept up to date and do not expire. Nurses are able to manage this online but Altrix will guide each nurse every step of the way as your recruitment partner.

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We are available for queries or calls 24 hrs per day, 7 days per week.
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