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Altrix is the only nursing agency app that empowers healthcare professionals to really take control of their work lives. Register with us today and start a new way to work

About us

Bringing healthcare professionals and organisations together

Altrix is one of the UK’s leading app based workforce management partners. Our state-of-the-art, self booking app, is designed to create an efficient, cost-effective way of connecting healthcare professionals and organisations, to reduce agency spend. 

Born out of the Altrix team’s in-depth experience of working in the National Health Service, recruitment and tech, our streamlined, efficient processes help place the best healthcare professionals within the heart of the NHS, providing a safe, happy, reliable and flexible workforce.

Our stringent, framework-standard compliance process means hospitals can always be sure each healthcare professional is 100% compliant.

Healthcare Professionals

Our state of the art app that lets you book the shifts you want, when you want them and all to match your clinical skills and experience

Healthcare Organisations

As a technology enhanced supplier of healthcare professionals to the NHS we provide a highly compliant and dedicated national workforce

Which hospitals do we work with?

Altrix works with over 60 NHS trusts and we are working to add new trusts all the time, click on the map below…..


      Hospitals across the NHS and private sector


      Hours supplied annually


      New registrations processed every week


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      Self-book your shifts with the Altrix app!

      No more applying for shifts and waiting for confirmation!

      Altrix is the only shift booking app which lets you choose shifts without needing to wait for approval or confirmation. Once you book the shift in the app, the shift is automatically yours.

      95% of our bookings are self-served via our app, and because our app is fully integrated with your profile, you only see the shifts that you’re eligible to work.

      So put the control back in your own hands and join thousands of our members using the Altrix app.

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      Trusted by Nurses &
      Hospitals across the UK

      “l have never come across an agency with as smooth and quick a registration process like Altrix. Most agencies l have registered with in the past l had to chase and chase them for my registration to complete. Some l had to give up. My experience with Altrix was amazing – you are the best!!! Thank you for everything you have done for me. I will definitely recommend my fellow nurses to Altrix!!!”
      – Lynette
      “Very quick , easy and straightforward registration! Altrix is very efficient and I got compliant in a few days. I would definitely recommend to my colleagues!”
      – Shiji
      “Fantastic support right from the very first day I enquired about joining Altrix. It was so easy over WhatsApp, this really is a huge USP for this agency, communication and support is at your finger tips and being able to see all the available shifts on the app/website really motivated me to becoming compliant. I was expecting an element of pushiness as you’d expect from recruitment but I didn’t feel this in the slightest the whole way through my application. I like the fact you have to have an umbrella company to join as it keeps you safe and has put my mind at ease with this being my second job. I’m very excited to expand my career with this agency and I feel like I’m in good hands.”
      – Jen
      “Absolutely amazing and easy to register! Altrix did very well in supporting me through the process of registration. Thank you 😊”
      – Sneha
      “AMAZING! Highly recommend!”
      – Narrainsawmy
      “It was amazing!!!! Right from the beginning of my registration, well supported and very easy to register, they really supported me to the end of my registration!! Well done xx”
      – Jumoke
      “3 CHEERS FOR ALTRIX. To all the nurses out there, I have joined Altrix today. They helped me to go seamlessly through all the steps and it appeared to be quite a straightforward registration process. My consultant explained very clearly how things work at Altrix and I felt quite supported. I would recommend this agency to anyone who is looking for regular shifts. I promise you that you will never become jobless again. Thank you!”
      – Abinand
      “Great agency and quick registration – everything went smoothly efficiently and quick. Altrix has very friendly staff who offer guidance throughout the process!”
      – NO
      “Great experience and efficient. Thank you 🙏🏾 very much for support throughout the process!”
      – Edina
      “Altrix is a very supportive and helpful agency. My interview was great and Cameron really helped me despite the 20 million questions I had. Princess is a very helpful consultant and was very efficient in signing me up to my preferred trusts.”
      – Shereen