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Altrix COVID-19 Statement: 1st July 2020

We at Altrix would like to thank all Nurses for their bravery, hard work and dedication especially during this Covid crisis. 

For agency Nurses not on Covid wards the market is currently very quiet for the vast majority but we expect the volume of shifts will increase once the public starts returning to hospitals and NHS Trusts begin to tackle the vast and growing backlog of operations and procedures.

Altrix is doing everything we can to get you more shifts and we expect shift volumes will increase to pre Covid levels in the weeks and months ahead. 

When the UK begins to go back to normal the volume of shifts will increase – nurses should take this time now to register so that you can book shifts immediately once more are available.

PPE Information

Altrix kindly requests all Nurses to read the following Public Health England, Guidance – considerations for acute personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages, Updated 17 April 2020.

What personal protective equipment (PPE) to wear inside patient-care areas (in line with Public Health England guidance – updated 14 April 2020).

Some areas such as A&E/ ITU may have specific PPE requirements, check the local area you will be working in.

Your safety and the safety of others depends on more than the PPE you use. Safe doffing and hand hygiene reduces the risk of self-contamination.

Union advice for nurses is to:

  • Familiarise yourself with the hospital or employers risk assessment for COVID 19 duties
  • Ensure there is a risk assessment in place saying they need PPE and it is accessible
  • Submit a near miss form at any time you are not provided with adequate PPE
  • Contact the relevant Nursing Director, COO or Managing Director if they feel unsafe

Further information can be found on the RCN website: