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About Altrix

Altrix is the UK’s leading technology-focused nursing agency and we believe in fair and transparent pay rates for agency nurses. Our app enables HCAs, RGN & Specialty Nurses to book shifts instantly at NHS Trusts and hospitals across the UK.

We have tens of thousands of shifts every day at hundreds of hospitals across every region of England and Wales. Nurses can filter shifts and receive notifications based on location, specialty, duration, date, time of day and day of the week. They can also use our app to register, submit compliance documentation and upload references. Enabling nurses to manage their own workload in this way puts them back in control of their careers!

Ensuring compliance and patient safety

Nurse compliance is our number one priority.

Because we believe patient safety is critical, nurse compliance is our number one priority. Every working Altrix nurse is compliant to NHS Employment standards with training and certifications kept up to date. Our dedicated, 24/7 support team ensure that all our nurses are fully compliant and are trained to use our app and website to book shifts.


Nurses who register with Altrix benefit from:

  • fast compliance process
  • payment within 24 hours
  • total control of your career
  • cutting-edge app technology
  • tailored shift alerts sent to your phone
  • guaranteed maximum pay rate possible
  • the ability to work at all Altrix hospitals across the UK
  • a dedicated 24/7 support team, just a phone call away
  • free training, uniforms, events, support and knowledge
  • our in-house Director of Training and Compliance, available to answer any question you might have
  • personal website profile where you can view all your documents, book shifts, see previous shifts and future bookings
  • diamond-rated compliance service which undertakes all the necessary interviewing, referencing, training and documentation

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is to automate as much of the labour intensive booking systems traditional agencies use by utilising world class technology to empower our nurses to book as many shifts as possible. We are an agency that operates like an NHS Bank.

Our goal is better healthcare. Our absolute priority is that high quality care, patient safety, positive patient experience and clinical effectiveness are maintained in the short term and improved in the long term.

1. Transparency

  • Mutual trust and authenticity in daily operations and interactions.
  • Honesty is a foundation for teamwork and a fundamental value.

2. Adaptability

  • Resilience and adaptation regarding everyday tasks. 
  • The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness and the capacity of being able to adjust to new conditions.

3. Opportunity

  • Identifying and seizing opportunity to succeed in personal and professional growth.
  • Working towards the opportunities presented and finding opportunities to overcome any difficulties.