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Who we are

Altrix was founded in 2019 with the ambition to answer the challenges of healthcare staffing.

Working together to make a difference

The Altrix team knew that the NHS spends over £3 billion pounds on agency healthcare professionals a year.

We also knew that 75 per cent of healthcare professionals work through an agency at some point.

And, with a team that has extensive experience of working within tech, recruitment and the National Health Service, we knew that there was something we could do about it.

So we looked at how we could change how that system works, starting with how healthcare professionals book their shifts. And we also looked at how we might use technology to help the NHS save money.

From this, Altrix was born.

We have four major goals:

Automating temporary recruitment for the NHS

Considerably cutting agency costs

Increasing hourly rates for healthcare professionals by reducing agency margins

Creating a marketplace with pricing transparency

We use our NHS experience to make sure all our healthcare professionals have the relevant qualifications and are fully compliant before they book their shift.

And our tech experience allows us to enable workers to self-book their shifts, giving them complete control of how and when they work.

The result is happier members, who feel more valued and are more reliable. Which, in turn, also benefits our hospital trust partners and private hospitals.

It’s just one of the reasons we’re continuing to grow: we now work with over a quarter of NHS trusts, delivering tens of thousands of hours a week.

And an incredible 98 per cent of our members now use our app to book shifts.

We’re delighted our app has been embraced so quickly. We’re incredibly proud of our team who have made it happen.

And we’re also incredibly proud of the thousands of healthcare professionals using our app. Of how they’re taking back control of how they balance their work and lifestyle choices and needs – one shift at a time.

Meet the leadership team

James Lock


Megan Grant

Managing Director

Jennie Shore

People Director

John Shaw

Head of Operations

Jayden Te Waiti

Account Manager

Bethany Ellis

Account Manager

Nadine Miller

Clinical Governance Lead

Our Mission

At Altrix, we want to be sure we keep improving and growing.

We want to improve quality. To reduce costs. And to empower healthcare professionals to continue to deliver excellent, quality, patient care, as and when it’s most needed.

We will continue to do this by transforming how the NHS flexible workforce is supplied.

We also care deeply about the relationships we have with others – with our healthcare professionals, NHS trusts, and staff.

And so we want to keep working with both trusts and the best healthcare professionals, to ensure we can make this happen, together.