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Improved timesheets

Based on your feedback we have made some amendments to the Altrix timesheet, to help you to supply all the information we need. You can see it HERE 

You will notice we have added a second line which can be used if you have been required to change wards during a shift. There is also a new box for notes, you can use this to record any important information about the shift or to communicate with the timesheet processing team. 


Some good timesheet habits 

Please adhere to these guidelines to ensure that your timesheet can be processed without delay, and we can pay you on time.

  • All sections of the timesheet are completed USING BLOCK CAPITALS.  
  • The client authoriser’s full name and position is clearly printed and legible.  
  • Never use correction fluid, if a correction is necessary (by crossing out and re-writing) make sure it is initialled by the Client Authoriser or complete a fresh timesheet.  
  • Claimable hours are calculated correctly (break time must be deducted).  
  • The End of Placement Appraisal section has been completed.  
  • The edges of your timesheet align with the edges of your picture.  

Incomplete, inaccurate, or illegible timesheets may cause a delay to your payment or result in your timesheet being rejected, which none of us want! 

If you have any questions, please contact your consultant.