Ask Altrix: What specialties does Altrix Nursing Agency provide to all NHS Agency Nurses?

Altrix Director of Compliance & Training Natalie Jennings discusses what interview specialties Altrix provides to all NHS Agency Nurses when they register with Altrix Nursing Agency.

As well as being Altrix’s Director of Compliance & Training, Natalie is a Mental Health Nurse, General Nurse, Queen’s Nurse, CQC Advisor and a former Deputy Director of Nursing.

Natalie is available to answer any questions from Altrix Nurses by emailing

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  • Nurses wishing to register with Altrix can do so by clicking here.

About Altrix

Altrix is a technology-focused nursing agency which enables RGN & Specialty Nurses to find, book and work shifts at NHS Trusts and hospitals across the UK.

Nurses which register with Altrix benefit from:

  • Our cutting-edge mobile app, where you can upload compliance documentation, browse and book shifts, and receive tailored shift alerts
  • Piece of the mind that they’re receiving the maximum rate possible, set by the hospital
  • A dedicated 24/7 support team, just a phone call away
  • The ability to book shifts at hospitals across the UK