Altrix empowers band 5 nurses to accept shifts all over the UK with the touch of a button and receive payment within 24 hours.

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What is Altrix?


Altrix is an online platform of available shifts for compliant band 5 locum nurses. Agency band 5 nurses need never apply for a shift again. Compliant nurses just accept available shifts and show up for work. Altrix will pay the nurse within 24 hrs.

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Why Are We Different?


Altrix is different because we are a hybrid of agency and technology. You register with us as you would an agency, but then the technology manages the shift and payment process cutting out the agency fees. This means more money for nurses as well as an easy shift management system that tracks payments and upcoming shifts.

Why You Would Love Us

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Accept shifts at the touch of a button

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No applying and no negotiations

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More flexibility in how you organise your schedule

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Get paid more. The rate you see is the rate you get

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How much does an Altrix shift pay?

An Altrix shift pays what the hospital wants to pay for any given shift. But without the agency fee you get more of the money. Urgent shifts will pay more than non urgent shifts and you decide which shifts to accept or not. We are putting the control back in the nurses hands.

How do you maintain quality of care?

Unlike other online solutions we have a hybrid agency model. To be an Altrix nurse you still need to pass compliance checks and have an interview. We also keep you up to date with training and expiration of documents. You are able to manage this online but we will help you every step of the way as your recruitment partner.

Do nurses have to apply for shifts?

No. Nurses view shifts and accept with a simple touch of a button. Once the nurse is compliant to the highest on-framework standards, the nurse can accept any shift available.

How does Altrix earn its money?

Altrix has a low fixed cost covered by the hospital. Whether the hospital advertises £23 per hour or £35 per hour, we earn the same so you get paid what you see advertised.

How is Altrix different to other apps or websites for nursing recruitment?

Other tech solutions claim to cut out the middle man (agencies) by putting the recruitment process and duties in the hands of the nurse and the hospital. Hospitals and nurses don’t want to be doing a recruitment consultant’s job. Altrix is different. We interview, register and take each nurse through the compliance process. Once compliant you no longer have to apply for shifts or negotiate directly with the hospital. The nurse merely has to accept available shifts in an easy to use shift management system on mobile or desktop.

What support does Altrix offer?

Altrix has a dedicated 24 hr service that will help you with any queries you have.

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