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Please find below a selection of recent testimonials from Nurses.

“I’ve been with Altrix for a year and their staff are always ready to help and eager to sort out problems when they arise – promptly and professionally.

Altrix fit well into the 21st century: you can choose where to work without having to speak with your consultant as all their shifts are online. They also notify you if there are changes to your shifts – and offer alternative options.

Training and registration are easy and quick. I recommend Altrix to any Nurses as they have shifts everywhere in the UK!”


Great staff and lovely to work for! There’s no hard sell or constant phoning, you just book what you want to work!


Love the fact you can book shifts on line! The staff are really helpful too!


Excellent service experience! This company is entirely different to anywhere I have worked before. My Consultant Shavin helped me with my registration process, he was extremely efficient, professional, approachable and responded to my emails promptly. Jamie – our Basic Life Support instructor – was very helpful, supportive and very attentive to my questions. I would highly recommend Altrix for anyone who is taking the leap into locuming. Great team and professionalism . Customer service is second to none and last but not least: their brilliant technology – an app that allows you to book shifts instantly at the touch of a button, giving you total control over your career!


Super dedicated team! Always in touch and respond promptly every time I needed! Great work ethic! I’m truly recommending Altrix!


“Working with Altrix has been the best! It’s been the most pleasant journey of joining an agency I’ve ever had. They are usually so unorganised!”


“Altrix is an amazing organisation to work for. Every single member of the team has been very supportive including the management. Altrix is very approachable and always willing to help.”

JULY 2020

“Altrix does a fantastic job and I really enjoy working wth you folks!”

JULY 2020

“I get paid the same day as my night shift! I upload my timesheet in the morning and by the evening the money is in my account!”


“The best feature about Altrix is uploading timesheets through the app and getting paid the next day!”

Jeffrey, altrix NURSE, JuLY 2020

“I love Altrix because they pay me higher rates than other agencies!”

JUNE 2020

Altrix is excellent. It’s no wonder so many Nurses are joining you because those of us that have already are happy and staying!

JUNE 2020

“I found everything about Altrix very good to deal with – the vision is there and the company is very people-orientated.”

JUNE 2020

“The time will come when Altrix is across the whole country. It’s not always easy but you’ve got dedicated, efficient staff trying to speed things up. Altrix don’t mind calling you to ask for a document – that is very good and other agencies don’t do that. I think the professionalism and dedication is what makes Altrix stand out. It will not surprise me when the time comes that every Nurse is registered with Altrix.”

JUNE 2020

“Registering with Altrix was so straightforward and my consultant was great. I even asked – how did you guys do it so fast?! Altrix is coming up so fast – you have to be part of it before it’s too late!”

MAY 2020

The first time i called Altrix I was on holiday and just needed to email my documents – before I could say anything I was already compliant! It’s the fastest I’ve ever seen. It took a few days and it was so easy – or rather Altrix made it look so easy. Most of the time when you want to register with an agency they make it so so complicated. So as long as you have the necessary documentation, that’s it – you’re good to go! Within a week I was ready to work – I was so impressed with everything!”

MAY 2020

Compliance with Altrix is straightforward and very easy – extremely easy!

MAY 2020

I’m very pleased with Altrix – I love the whole team and for me it’s been the best experience. I love what you folks are doing and you’re the best in the country in terms of the attitude and idea – you make things so much easier for Nurses.

MAY 2020

I joined Altrix last year and it’s been such a great experience. You’ve been brilliant – you’ve been my backbone!

MAY 2020

I’ve just joined Altrix and it’s one of the best agencies in the country – the app is fantastic!

MAY 2020

You can choose and pick – you can do all sorts with the app!

MAY 2020

I think Altrix is the benchmark as far as agencies are concerned. I’m really happy with the app – thank you so much!

MAY 2020

Thanks for everything you folks are doing at Altrix – it’s fantastic!

MAY 2020

Altrix is the best experience and I love what you folks are doing!

MAY 2020

I no longer have to wait for a phone call for shifts, I just log on to Altrix and book!


The app makes it all so much easier – doing it over the phone seems so old-fashioned now!


Much better than having to be on the phone all the time!


Easy app, easy booking!


I am recommending to other Nurses all the time!


The rates are clear, you can book in seconds and you get paid straight away – no one can beat that!


I can pick and choose the shifts I want, log on when I want and work when I want. I’m impressed!