Why do Nurses choose Altrix?

With the recent launch of Altrix+, we surveyed all our nurses to ask for their thoughts, feedback opinions.

As well as receiving overwhelmingly positive responses about Altrix+, we were delighted to receive hundreds of reasons why nurses choose Altrix for the majority of their shifts each week.

Here’s just some of the responses:

  • I can register with the Altrix app
  • I get NHS Benefits with over 300 offers at major brands
  • I get £250 for every friend I refer
  • I receive free training and uniforms
  • Altrix+ refunds my NMC renewal fee
  • I can upload my compliance documentation through the Altrix app
  • There’s no need to call and speak to a recruiter to book shifts
  • Altrix+ gives me free access to 86 online training courses
  • When I book a shift, it’s 100% mine – I don’t need to wait for confirmation
  • Payment is made as quickly as 24 hours
  • I can book shifts through the Altrix app 24/7
  • Altrix+ gives me even higher referral fees
  • I’m told about new Trusts and hospitals every week
  • There’s a 24/7 support team available to call or email
  • There’s a Nurse of the Month where the winner receives flowers, chocolate and goody bag
  • Very simple interface, anyone can use it

Altrix would like to thank all nurses who completed our questionnaire – without your feedback we cannot strive to provide the absolute best service possible.

To discover why Altrix is their favourite nursing agency, please register, get compliant or book shifts below!