Updated Altrix App Includes New Functionality

Altrix is delighted to announce the latest updates to our app – which include tailored in-app push notifications based on your job role, address and the hospitals you are registered with.

Nurses can also log in to filter jobs based on their specialty as well as hospital, location, time of day, duration and day of the week, whilst new and existing Altrix Nurses can use the app to register, submit compliance documentation and upload references.

The new nursing job roles are as follows:

  • RGN – general shifts which have always been in the app
  • A&E
  • ITU
  • Paeds
  • RMN / Mental Health
  • Midwife
  • Theatres

In addition to tailored and targeted alerts for all our hospitals across the UK, Nurses can now contact the 24/7 Altrix support team directly through the mobile app.

Please ensure you have updated your mobile app to see these new features.The app can be downloaded from the following locations:

App Store (Apple)

Google Play (Android)

We’d love to hear your feedback about the app – please email info@altrix.co.uk to let us know your thoughts.

New Nurses

Nurses wishing to register with Altrix can now do so via the mobile app.

Signed up but not compliant 

Nurses who have registered with Altrix but haven’t completed their compliance can download the app and use their website login details to sign in. You can now:

  • continue to upload your compliance documentation through the mobile app 
  • update your references for additional job roles
  • receive targeted shifts based on your address and job roles

Compliant but not downloaded app

Altrix Nurses who are compliant but haven’t downloaded the mobile app can simply download the app and use their website login details to sign in. Make sure you select your job roles to receive tailored alerts. 

Compliant with app

Nurses who have already registered with Altrix and have already downloaded the App can now: 

  • Update your references for additional job roles you want to add
  • Turn on notifications on the app
  • Update your address so you can receive shifts near you
  • Update your job roles so you can receive specific shifts
  • Continue to book shifts