Congratulations Ouma!

Congratulations to Altrix member Ouma, who has been nominated for a DAISY Award for March 2022!

The DAISY awards are awarded to Registered Nurses, Midwives and Nursing Students to say thank you for all that you do. Nominations are submitted by patients, visitors and staff members and the DAISY and TULIP Nomination Review Panel have the very difficult task of choosing the winner. All of the submissions are worthy of the award, however only one Registered Nurse or Student and one Registered Midwife can be awarded per month.

Please see Ouma’s nomination below:

“This Nurse was always approachable and empathetic. Always quick to respond to needs, has a great sense of humour and tactful in maintaining patient privacy. Ouma not only responded sensitively and appropriately to a patient who had a suicidal tendency but they gently encouraged his return to a normal state without the severe depression.”

“Ouma always gave the impression of being professionally in charge of every situation and had total respect and admiration from colleagues and other staff. Ouma has inspired patient confidence in her professional ability and attitude, as well as all the tasks she has undertaken.”

The Twitter feed of the Patience 2 Ward at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust where Ouma worked had this to say:

“One of our regular agency staff, Ouma, has been nominated for a daisy award! Ouma goes above and beyond for our patients and the ward. We appreciate you soo much!