APP UPDATE: Display Total Shift Amount & Breakdown!

Altrix is delighted to announce the following improvements to our app!

Feedback from our members suggests that the way we currently display the pay rate for a shift isn’t quite right. Members are sometimes expecting to receive the rate they see onscreen for each and every hour worked, when often they will only receive it for part of the overall shift.

For example, this can occur when a shift starts on higher paying night rate but ends on a lower paying day rate.

In the interest of transparency, Altrix is making three changes for our members on the mobile app and web platform on Wednesday 06 April:

​​​​​1) Display the total amount that will be paid for the shift.

2) Display the breakdown for the shift, so that members can see what rate is applied to each hour.

3) Rename the hourly “Shift Rate” to “Primary Rate” to indicate that there may be more than one rate for the shift.